Mission Vision

Mission of Office of Construction and Technical Works is servet o be there in tehe future fort he organization and function of all kinds of construction, installation, repair, maintenance, manufacturing, investigation, projects, exploration, procurement and supervision work intensively, with existing staff and equipment; in responsible for our areas, to find solutions to the problems as soons as possible, to built healthy future generations of education, training, research and to create physical places where application that will allow continuous improvment and development and comtemporary facilities in accordance with Public Procurement Law and related Legislation Provisions.


Althuogh a newly established unit Presidency, quickly adopting itself to cahnge internal and external conditions, providing an efficient approach to management is moving rapidly toward the aim that desire to see in the future. In this regard, our vision is complete institutional deficiencies quickly with rational approach and actions in our service field, catch universal standards, to enforce a limit of modernity and to become a leader.